Expert in a field of cluster management and strategic planning, business-trainer,
PhD, Associate Professor in Penz State University of Architecture and Construction,
managing partner in Cluster Consulting Group, group of companies
Penza, Russia
About expert

Founder and Managing Partner of the Cluster Consulting Group®.

PhD, Associate Professor.

An expert in the field of cluster management. Founder of the center for cluster development of the Penza region, one of the first in the country, where, under her leadership, five industry clusters were formed.

Author of educational programs for cluster managers, leading trainings and seminars on cluster development in various regions of the country.

For more than 15 years he has been teaching economic disciplines to students of various specialties at Penza universities; Department of Economics, Organization and Investments of the Penza State University of Architecture and Construction. As an invited lecturer, he teaches courses on cluster management to students of Moscow universities.

Specialist in financial management, strategic and investment, and innovative development. She participated in the development of a strategy for the development of the construction complex and a strategy for innovative development of the Penza region, a developer of models for industrial and educational clusters in the Lipetsk region, cluster development programs for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Astrakhan and other regions. Developed more than 100 business plans and feasibility studies for enterprises in various areas of the national economy.

Regularly participates as a moderator or speaker of strategic sessions, conferences, and forums on cluster topics.

Author of 7 textbooks, 15 scientific monographs, more than 100 scientific articles.

Вебинар на тему: «Организационно-экономические аспекты реализации совместных кластерных проектов»
Мой бизнес, Брянск

Ю. Артамонова, С. Корнилов
Мой бизнес, Брянск
Спикеры: Ю. Артамонова, С. Корнилов
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