Expert in the field of cluster development and cooperation. Management consultant in organizational development and strategic marketing, certified business coach, ICU team coach, facilitator, tracker of acceleration programs for entrepreneurs. Managing partner of the cooperative startup studio "Your Trajectory" in Kemerovo.

about the expert
Key competencies: advising organizations on organizational development and development of internal entrepreneurship. Development, organization and carrying out of corporate project incubation and acceleration programs, strategic sessions and training programs.

Key accomplishments:
Chairman of the Corporate Strategy and Marketing Committee of Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of the Expert Council for the Development of Creative Industries under the Governor of Kuzbass, member of the Entrepreneurship Development Committee of NOC-Kuzbass. Since 2015, nine regional acceleration programs have been developed and implemented: three programs for social designers, five regional acceleration programs for social entrepreneurs and one acceleration program for technological entrepreneurs. The projects attracted more than 70 million rubles in investments, and there are projects with multiples of revenue growth and consulting projects with the transfer of business management from parents to children. Speaker at regional and federal forums, and more than 400 consulting projects in marketing and loyalty programs. Worked as an expert, a lead tracker and tracker in the gas pedal of social entrepreneurs in SME corporation in 2021. Accelerator program of CISS Astrakhan, tracker. Business mentoring program of My Business center, Khabarovsk, - mentor. Speaker of the project "Career School" KuzSTU. Project Intensive "SOMARUS" - organized motivational community management with focusing technology "Daily meeting", tracker and expert of the program. Expert of the school of social entrepreneurship "Novoterra" and the festival of social and environmental entrepreneurship "Business about Good" Novosibirsk. Currently deployed private corporate gas pedals for a medical clinic and a franchise for a network of children's aqua clubs in order to scale projects.

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